Fishing Line

From Freshwater to Saltwater, Line made with Spectra® Fiber Delivers

Spectra Fishing LineBraided fishing lines made with Spectra® fiber are stronger, thinner, more sensitive and more durable than equivalent monofilament nylon fishing lines. That’s why many of today’s leading fishing line manufacturers use it in their products for both freshwater and saltwater fishing.

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Anglers can easily find products containing Spectra fiber when they see this logo. Read about our Spectra trademark licensing program here.

Fishing line containing Spectra fiber is:

  • Strong: Four times stronger than nylon fishing line of similar diameter
  • Thin: Allowing anglers to cast further and more smoothly through the guides on their poles than when using nylon monofilament lines of an equivalent strength
  • Sensitive: Helping anglers feel the slightest movement on their line
  • Durable: Due to the fiber’s outstanding abrasion resistance and high resistance to chemicals and UV light

spectra-fishing line-chart

Honeywell has one of the widest varieties of high-modulus polyethylene (HMPE) fiber deniers available, which makes it easy for fishing line manufacturers to find the right Spectra fiber to meet their desired specification.